Creative. Authentic. Dedicated. Passionate. Insightful. GiGi is a wedding planner, event designer and television personality who brings her many years of wedding and event planning experience to Oklahoma City from Dallas, TX and Nashville, TN. GiGi has a natural ability to organize and plan. Her passion and creative vision for the unique details of each event makes her an ideal planner. These qualities along with her attention to detail and dedication to each client provides her with the ability to turn any dream into a reality. GiGi most enjoys forming a relationship with the client in order to make sure their big event is not just a success, but goes above and beyond their expectations.

For years GiGi has planned weddings, social and corporate events for clients, professional & non-profit organizations and businesses. As a graduate of Texas State University, she has mastered the ability to multitask and accomplish goals as a member of a team. GiGi began to realize her natural ability for event planning as a high school student but found her passion while planning events for Texas State University. 

From a very young age GiGi knew event planning was HER thing. At six years old, she planned her very first formal event; her very own 6th Birthday Gala. GiGi hired a DJ, ordered catering, decorated the space and had her friends dress in formal attire to celebrate. After this birthday party GiGi was forever drawn to event planning. Later that year, GiGi discovered Brides magazine. So, she secretly ordered a subscription using her mother’s credit card information. A few months later, her mother saw the charges on her account and wondered who had subscribed to the magazine. GiGi came clean and told her mother that she used her card because she loved weddings and her mother allowed her to continue her subscription. Those are the moments that created the passionate event planner GiGi has become.